From: Sheena Bellingham
Date: February 18, 2015 at 7:26:50 AM PST
To: <>, NJNA <>
Subject: Newton Street green space access

Dear Councillor Madoff,


I am writing in concern to a request for an easement into NJNA green space on the corner of Newton and Richmond.  I do hope that the City will not grant this application.  North Jubilee has very little green space at all and this will further decrease our supply.  Though it is being called an easement, it will look hardlly that.  No one from a street looking at a driveway fronting a home or worse - 4-unit townhome - will believe they are looking at public space.  Nor will it feel public to the owner of the home.  One of our few remaining valuable public green spaces - the Spirit Park - is nearby.  This park is an enchanting and valuable piece of our neighborhood community with people often walking its path.  The Newton Street public space would be far better served by becoming a connector between the nearby Spirit Garden and part of the Bowker Corridor our community has plans for.      


I would like to take this time to object to the 4-unit townhome development proposed on a single-family lot at this Newton/Richmond corner.  Destroying street-scape by putting up an out-of-character, owner-absent, income-only property is not what this community is looking for.  We see our community as a neighborhood.  We are trying to preserve and enhance character and community good spirit with thoughtful attention to the increase of density while maintaining the area's historical significance.  Older homes anchoring a street - top and bottom - are particularly vulnerable as their destruction causes 'demolition creep' and will only lead eventually to the destruction of a neighborhood.


I sincerely thank you for taking my letter into consideration.



Sheena Bellingham

2536 Richmond Road